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People thrive when they feel connected
to their natural environment.


Landscape design that understands and
responds to local ecology and successfully
integrates people into the equation can
foster and deepen that connection to place.


We work with clients to realize their vision of an
outdoor space that’s beautiful, functional
and thoughtfully linked to its
surrounding ecosystems.

Whether that is a green roof planting for your
business, an edible landscape for your school,
or a peaceful backyard retreat for your home,
we can help you make the connection.

Going Street Commons is a new Net Zero community being designed for Northeast Portland’s Cully neighborhood. It will serve as a model for building durable, comfortable, healthy and extremely energy efficient homes that respect people, communities, and the built and natural environment.

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The Case Of The Disappearing Insects – And What We Can Do About It
Caitilin Pope Daum | 27, October

Where have all the insects gone?  A recent radio piece caught my attention, describing a German study which documented dramatic declines (80%) over the past 30 years in the number of flying insects present in nature preserves. (Read it for yourself here)    Why we care  These insects include many that are important pollinators of food crops and wild plants, and so key to human food systems and to the ecosystems they inhabit. They are also an important foundation of the entire animal food chain. Songbirds, which rely on insect protein for a huge portion of their diets, are in decline in

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Why native plants REALLY matter
Caitilin Pope Daum | 20, May

Gardening and landscaping with native plants is different and sometimes more restrictive than a purely ornamental approach – so having a good reason WHY can be helpful inspiration. For me, the most convincing WHY ever is the way that native plants sustain other organisms around them. The familiar narrative that says native plants are easier to grow and better adapted than non-native plants is only true sometimes, as it depends on what non-native plants you are comparing them to.  For example, a parking lot in Portland Oregon may be easily filled with beautiful plants that are easy to grow, require

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Weeds to Love
Caitilin Pope Daum | 03, October

The process of planning and managing your garden for maximum benefit to yourself and the planet can sometimes start to feel overwhelming. I want my yard and garden to be beautiful, productive, low maintenance, low water use, and full of habitat value and other ecological benefit. Even though this is my chosen obsession, even I can get a little overwhelmed by finding the combination of plants and locations that accomplish everything i’m going for.

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