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I.M. Pei
Living as most of the world’s people do, in cities, we are committed to improving the experience for all. Preserving wild places and farm lands depends on fitting more people happily into cities, and on minimizing disruption to the plant and animal communities with which we share the planet. We consider each project in the urban environment a chance to increase livability for the city’s humans, animal and plant citizens; to delight and accommodate all.

We approach our urban projects with the goal of layering purpose and richness into each space to accommodate many diverse users. That means designing for small and large gatherings, for social time and alone time, for summer and for winter. It includes harnessing water, wind and light to create comfort and beauty. It also includes challenging ourselves to create high-performing spaces that function for people and natural systems alike.

We can provide design services from conceptual through construction documents and construction administration. We have extensive experience ushering projects through city planning and permitting processes, working with the various city agencies, and facilitating community participation meetings as needed.

Average Design Cost: $4,500 and up

what people say

“Having Caitilin on board with the Alberta St Pub patio renovation expanded my conception of what was even possible, and brought to life ideas that have now become reality. She carefully listened to what I was wanted and then gently brought me around to new ways of looking at the big picture. She understands how a space can work for a variety of gatherings and seasons, and how a landscape and its structures will grow, change, and weather over time. It was incredibly valuable to have her technical expertise in dealing with mundane issues like roof runoff and permit requirements – items that were way off my radar and could have been very frustrating otherwise. I am very glad that she was part of our team.”

Django Amerson, owner Alberta St Pub

what people say

“We absolutely loved working with Caitilin for our yard. We were truly at a loss about what to do as it isn’t that large but has a lot of changes in elevation. She was great at listening to things we liked and desired for our space and then creating a great design that was feasible and went above and beyond what we thought could be done with our little yard. We get so many compliments on how our home is looking from passing neighbors to long time friends. It has come a long way from when we bought it and we are thankful Caitilin helped create the vision to frame our home. ”

Matt and Anna Norman, homeowners

what people say

“We worked closely with Caitilin in designing and executing a long term, complex landscape project for our backyard in the Hawthorne District. After meeting and sharing ideas and photos, she designed an incredibly thoughtful, detailed, and creative plan for our backyard. I immediately knew that she understood exactly what we wanted. We love our new space and we look forward to working with her in the next phase of our project. I recommend her for any landscaping project; she is exceptional.”

Liana Corliss, homeowner

what people say

“We worked with Caitilin to design a landscape for our new preschool. She is terrifically good at stepping back and seeing the big picture, and then creatively and logically turning that into beautiful and functional spaces. Working with her we really gained an understanding of the way a landscape can work as a whole, and of the parts and pieces that complement that vision. She was always a thoughtful listener, but didn’t hesitate to share her point of view. In the end we felt like our ideas were an important part of the design, but the design itself gave our thoughts order and unity that was uniquely hers.

We often reflect on how fortunate we were to have worked with her, and the feedback we’ve gotten from visitors and parents on the landscape design has reinforced this feeling. ”

Norina Beck, teacher and cofounder at Rising Song Preschool

what people say

“When we decided to completely redo our yard, we had some vague ideas but we weren’t sure exactly what we wanted. Caitilin did a fantastic job of translating our general concepts into a beautiful landscape—one that suits us perfectly. She also provided excellent advice when it came to finding drought-resistant plants that look great but don’t require a lot of maintenance. We get compliments from people walking by our front yard every day. I recommend her work highly. ”

Lisa Cannon, Homeowner